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"Shropshire Geology - Where to Go, What to See, A Visitors' Guide"
by P F Phillips and J R Stratford
Second (revised) Edition

Shropshire is world famous for its geology.  Its rocks, minerals and fossils, plentiful and varied, are of international importance.

This guide selects a range of sites, explains how to get there and what to look for, in non-technical English.

                        * Easy to use                                                           * A brief geological history
                        * For beginners and enthusiasts alike                     of Shropshire
                        * Fully illustrated                                                    * Helpful glossary
                        * Easy to follow directions                                    * Recommended refreshment stops
                        * Grid references for precise location                  * All locations vetted and personally
                        * Numerous maps and diagrams                               checked by the authors
                        * Colour plates                                                        * A5  size - 76 pages

Whether you are a casual visitor, a beginner, or already an enthusiast, this guide cannot fail to interest you.

£4.95 (no VAT)
We'll post you a copy for £5.75 (including p&p)

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